VIP Transfer to Chalkidiki by Mercedes-Benz S-Class


Suitcases -packed. Mood – vacation. The flight is not long and quite pleasant. Ahead – an acquaintance with the magnificent Greek resorts of the Mediterranean in Chalkidiki. Transfer to Chalkidiki by Mercedes-Benz S 350 extra Long is a high level of comfort and speed of transferring from Hellenic Taxi,

Mercedes-Benz S 350 Extra Long

We meet at the airport

Our company tracks the flight on which customers fly. When the plane lands Mercedes-Benz S with the driver will wait for the customers. Waiting in the parking lot is a free service for Hellenic Taxi customers.

After completing all the formalities at the airport, customers can use a fast and reliable car to transfer to their destination.

Popular Destinations

Transferring from Thessaloniki to Chalkidiki requires not more than an hour of a leisurely trip. The maximum distance is 1 hour 40 minutes. This time takes a trip to the city of Ouranoupoli – the extreme point of Chalkidiki, where you can reach the holy Athos.

SANI95 €

The transfer ends at the place specified by the customers. Every driver offered by Hellenic Taxi for a VIP transfer from Thessaloniki airport speaks Russian. He can communicate with passengers without an interpreter.

Traveling with comfort

Sedan confidently overcomes kilometers of the road, using for smooth running the latest development of Mercedes-Benz S – a unique air suspension with adaptive damping. Adapting to any changes in the road in advance, the suspension allows you to drive perfectly smoothly.

The 500-horsepower engine of the representative car develops the necessary speed and power, including motorways and lifts.

The car is saturated with electronic traffic control systems. There are built-in systems for automatic control of the car, including cruise control. The electronic filing of the car allows you to respond to a changed road situation and provides passengers with the highest level of security.

Pleasant trifles and special offers to agencies

There is always a supply of fresh drinking water, the possibility to use the Internet with the help of a wireless communication channel (wi-fi), other useful trivia for travelers in the salon of the car.

If the transfer order is made by a travel agency, Hellenic Taxi offers a full package of accompanying tourists from the airport to the hotel doors, including the settlement, the solution of organizational issues.

The reception of tourists is carried out on behalf of the agency-customer. The car does not have any advertising signs; it is focused on service on behalf of the concrete client.

The way from the airport of Thessaloniki to the resort in Chalkidiki by Mercedes-Benz S-class car will be unnoticed. Speed ​​of delivery, comfort in the way and quality of transfer organization is guaranteed.