Helicopter transfer in Greece

Helicopter transfers

Fast transition to any region of Greece, especially the islands, is possible with the use of a helicopter. A sightseeing flight is also feasible; you will be able to enjoy breathtaking landscapes from a bird’s-eye view. To avoid force majeure, the request for a helicopter should be sent in advance, a few days prior to the flight.

Minibus Transfers

Minibus transfers

The organizers of training and various study groups prefer ordering transfers in a 19-seater Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The high level of comfort and the cozy atmosphere in this motor car with leather interior will provide an essential respite during the trip.

The classic transfer from the transportation hub to the holiday destination and back can be enhanced with introductory group trips to the local sights, beaches, or shopping centers.

When meeting you at the airport, seaport, or bus station, the driver will have a nameplate and will help you to load the luggage. To prevent communication problems, we only hire drivers with excellent English language skills.

The minibus transfer is also suitable for domestic tourism. You can travel to natural or historical sites, go shopping or simply ride to the beach either on your own or with a professional guide who will turn any transfer into a fascinating tour.

Minivan transfers

A transfer in the Mercedes-Benz Vito minivan is equally suitable for small companies, several families, and individuals who prefer inexpensive traveling.

The cost of the minivan transfer does not depend on the number of passengers. It is rather convenient if you have arrived in Greece with a large group of friends or relatives. The driver will meet you at the specified place (and will have a nameplate if it is an airport, seaport, or bus station) and help to load the luggage. All our drivers speak English so that you will be able to ask them any question without communication problems.

During the traveling season, we organize group transfers to popular destinations in the Mercedes-Benz Vito minivan so that you can purchase one seat at an affordable price and reach your destination with comfort. An English-speaking driver will unload the luggage, help you find your way around and direct you to other managers able to answer your questions.

You can turn transfers from vacation destinations to famous historical or natural sights into educational excursions if you invite one of our guides. The guide will not only share countless fascinating facts but also will make necessary adjustments to the route and take care of such important things as catering and shopping on the way.

Private transfers

The individual transfer is available to everyone as a convenient alternative to the taxi. You determine your own level of comfort by selecting a motor car of the desired class. Our car fleet is at your disposal:

  • Citroën C4 Picasso, 
  • Mercedes-Benz S класса, 
  • minivan Mercedes-Benz Vito, 
  • shuttlebus Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The driver will meet you at the airport, seaport, bus station or any other location in accordance with your preferences so that you will be able to avoid long waiting, queues, and the risk of having no free transport to take. The driver will organize the loading and unloading of luggage, help you to solve any traveling problems and speak to you in the English language.

While enjoying your stay in Greece, you can order transfers to the places of interest, shopping centers or distant beaches. In addition to transfers, we offer guidance services. The guide will turn your trip into an exciting excursion; he or she will help to organize the route, speak to local people in Greek, and take care of such important things as catering and souvenir shopping.

The car has room for up to 4 passengers.

VIP transfers in Greece

VIP transfers

To those fond of luxury and individual service, we offer transfers to any location in Greece in a comfortable Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The motor car will be driven up to you at the specified time, free of unwanted fellow passengers and without delay. No matter if you are visiting Greece by yourself, with friends or with family; our Mercedes will wait for you at the specified place and time. At the airport, seaport, or at the bus station, you will be met by an English-speaking driver with a nameplate who will escort you to the car and assist with the luggage. You can address the driver in English concerning any question that might arise before or during the trip. Upon arrival, the driver will provide the necessary guidance and unload luggage.

The cost of transfer remains fixed notwithstanding any road or weather predicaments. It also does not depend on the number of passengers.

If you would like a ride to famous sights or distant beaches, you can order a transfer with a personal guide who will ensure an unforgettable individual excursion in accordance with your preferences. He or she will also provide you with catering and exciting shopping for souvenirs. Moreover, the guide is able to assist you with correct route planning in order to avoid exhausting rides between faraway locations. Besides, he or she can recommend numerous ways to make the trip more entertaining.

The car has room for up to 4 passengers.