Privacy Policy

General provisions

The current Privacy Policy (hereinafter – the Policy) is a bylaw of Aktis Group Ltd. and is binding on all the employees, services and structural divisions of Aktis Group Ltd. The policy regulates the rules of using Hellenic Taxi online services, as well as the rules of collecting and processing network users’ data provided by them when using the Hellenic Taxi website.

An access to Hellenic Taxi online services is free and available to all the Internet users. Anonymity is guaranteed to all users of Hellenic Taxi services when utilizing the company’s services.

Aktis Group Ltd. independently determines objectives and means of personal data processing, as well as processes personal data received by Hellenic Taxi online resource.

User data

Website Hellenic Taxi collects no users’ personal data.

The data collected when using Hellenic Taxi is impersonal. The user is not identified when browsing the website.

The impersonal data transmitted to Hellenic Taxi website includes information automatically transmitted to Hellenic Taxi website by the user’s devices in anonymized form. These may include information about the user’s device and its location, web browser data, as well as information about the user’s requests and the operating system used.

The personal data transmitted to Hellenic Taxi website includes information that users provide the service with during the registration process, when booking services on the website, subscribing to newsletters, as well as filling in online forms and software modules of Hellenic Taxi resource. This may include a user’s name, contact information, including phone number and email address, etc. This information is required for the company representatives to be able to contact the user to in order to confirm the reservation, clarify booking details, send newsletters, etc.

The administration of Hellenic Taxi online resource does not verify the information provided by users; however, it proceeds from the premise that the provided information is relevant, reliable and sufficient for the purpose of providing the services in question. The user takes full responsibility for providing information that does not meet the specified requirements.

For its operational purposes Hellenic Taxi uses cookies to collect information about the resource pages used. These include the server data which the user utilized to visit the resource, information about the web browser used, information about the resources the user learned about Hellenic Taxi website from. The data obtained is impersonal and is necessary for improving the company’s marketing policy and the products/services offered. In this case, the user’s personal data is not collected.

Use of the provided user data

By accepting the company’s Privacy Policy, you automatically agree to the use and processing of the above-stated data in order to implement services of the company.

The company collects the information required for high-quality performance of the provided services only. In particular, these may include your contact information, first and last name to make a sign for meeting you at the airport, your flight number to track information about possible changes in the schedule, and other data required for the service provision.

Any online payments made on Hellenic Taxi website are performed using the highly secure page for processing online payments. At the same time, none of your personal and bank data, as well as bank card data, are recorded/saved. The service has no access to control, transfer and payment functions. When making a reservation of Hellenic Taxi services using official partner websites, the websites in question have access to your data specified when making a reservation, but not to payment transactions and bank data used when paying for company services.

To guarantee a high-quality performance of the requested services, Hellenic Taxi company may transmit the users’ information specified when making a service reservation to partner companies and third parties taking part in service provision. These may include companies and third parties situated both in Greece and abroad, if this is required by the nature of the service provided. At the same time, the company guarantees that the user data is transmitted for high-quality service provision only, and by no means will be used for other purposes. In this case, the confidentiality policy applies to the entire scope of persons who have received access to the data in question.

The data provided by the user when making a reservation can be subsequently used by the company for sending newsletters with service offers, notifications about the company’s promotion campaigns and discounts, as well as offers to take part in surveys. In the latter case, the company undertakes not to disclose information received from the user within the surveys in question without obtaining the corresponding permission from the user. At the same time, the user can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by clicking the corresponding link specified at the end of a newsletter or by sending an email to

User data protection

The company guarantees having taken all the required precautions to protect the user data provided from loss and unauthorized access. This applies to both hardcopy and softcopy digital data recording media.

Access to the information provided by the users is available to the company’s authorized employees with the sole purpose of providing services, improving quality of the services provided, or enhancing performance of the company’s operations. All the employees having access to the data in question comply with the company’s confidentiality treatment requirements. The exception is either putting the user’s personal data in free access by the user himself, or providing by him the access to his personal data to an unlimited scope of persons by any other method.

With a view to improving the quality of services provided, the company keeps records of the reservations and service orders made. The data is stored in the client database and is protected in compliance with the privacy rules and user data protection policy.

In case the user is against his personal data being stored in the company’s client database, he should send a corresponding notification to email address The user has the right to grant or withdraw consent to his personal data processing at any time by sending an electronic notification to the specified email address.

At the user’s request, the company is obliged to provide him with information about the availability and processing of his data at any time, as well as change, delete his personal data or transfer it to third parties.

In case of violation of the privacy rules set by the current Policy, the company is held liable in accordance with the provisions of the law.


Aktis Group Ltd. notifies that Hellenic Taxi website uses cookies for its operation.

Cookies are the files that provide the website you visit with certain impersonal information. Depending on a type of cookie files, they make future operations on the website easier by saving certain settings, presenting relevant information, eliminating errors in the website functions, providing personal data security during the registration at the company services, or help the site to collect information that is required to improve its services functions.

When entering Hellenic Taxi website, you receive a notification that the site uses cookies. You can disable cookies by changing your web browser settings.

At any time, you can delete cookies, block or give permission to use them on your device.

By accepting the Cookie Use Policy on Hellenic Taxi website, you automatically give permission to the site services to store and use them.

Amendments to the company’s Privacy Policy

The Company reserves the right to amend the Privacy Policy unilaterally at any time. The publicly available on Hellenic Taxi website Privacy Policy is considered a valid one.