1. Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is the second city upon the size of Greece. Furthermore, it is the capital of Central Macedonia administrative unit. At present, it is the center of the cultural life of the country.  Thessaloniki festivals and various events have made this place a popular tourist destination. Moreover, it is regarded as the Balcanic youth capital due to a great number of foreign students who obtain an education in the local universities.

Thessaloniki history

Thessaloniki is an amazing town with centuries-old cultural and historical heritage. Here, you can feel a unique spirit of different time periods and discover exciting facts of local history, related to the times of the Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman rule.

Thessaloniki’s old town (“Ano Poli” or the “Upper Town”) is the only area that survived the great fire of 1917. It is situated north of the modern center. At present, the entire Upper Town (as well as its ancient chapels) is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The symbol of Thessaloniki is the White Tower. It stands on the central promenade, right by the sea. Over the years, this landmark was regarded as Thessaloniki major visiting card. Moreover, it was depicted on all souvenir products.

What is the most convenient transport in Thessaloniki?

Transfer vehicles are the best means to move between the most important objects in the city whose narrow streets are quite often blocked by traffic jams. In addition, the city traffic greatly suffers because of the large-scale construction of a metro line one plans to open by 2020.

Using a transfer vehicle is the most convenient option to travel not only in the city but also beyond its lines. An experienced driver of Hellenic Taxi will meet you in person at the airport/by the hotel/on a platform. He will be holding a welcome sign with your name on it and deliver you on the desired address fast, securely, and with comfort.

All the drivers of Hellenic Taxi speak fluent English and are always ready to help you with baggage at the pickup and drop-off location. Moreover, a driver will also provide all the necessary information related to a stay and holidays in Thessaloniki.

 What else can Thessaloniki offer for transportation in the city and surrounding areas?

  • Public transport in Thessaloniki – It runs on a fixed-time schedule which might not always coincide with your plans about reaching a particular destination. Moreover, it cannot offer you any comfort;
  • Taxi service in Thessaloniki – You can find these vehicles at a designated taxi stand or flag one of them on the street. Local drivers often call excessive prices, at the time when a range of their services is quite standard.

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