Keramoti is a small town mostly known as port from where ferry boats depart hourly toward the nearby island of Thasos. But travelers tend to stay in Keramoti for a bit longer because it provides perfect conditions for vacation. Here, everyone can find entertainment to their liking: little vacationers will be absorbed in various beach games and splashing in warm seawater, adults can fish, and those in a romantic relationship – go yachting.

Oftentimes travelers coming to spend their vacation in Greece are faced with the issue of searching for transport in order to reach the booked hotel suite, villa, or rental apartments. The solution to this problem is rather simple: it will be sufficient to order a transfer. Having booked a transfer taxi service, you can rest assured that you will be met, provided assistance with luggage, and driven to the specified address with maximal efficiency.

Distances to big transport points

  • Macedonia Airport, Thessaloniki – 211 km
  • Thessaloniki Train Station – 191 km
  • Bus Station KTEL Macedonia – 192 km

What other transportation can be used

Intercity buses – You need to know in advance where and at what time a suitable bus stops. Buses from Thessaloniki to Kavala (about 36 km from Keramoti) depart every hour. After getting off a bus, you will need to use additional transport to get to your destination.

Public taxis – You can order a taxi by phone in the Greek language or catch a car in the street. Taxis usually cost more than economical transfer, and level of service is quite ordinary.

Destinations Private Shared
Thessaloniki City 190€
Thessaloniki, Airport “Makedonia” 190€