Aldemar Olympian Village

TRANSFER - Aldemar Olympian Village

Destinations Time Standard
(4 people)
(4 people)
(4 people)
(8 people)
Shuttle bus
(19 people)
Thessaloniki, Airport "Makedonia" 06:40 450€ 500€ 595€ 595€ 1,050€ Order
Thessaloniki City 06:40 450€ 500€ 595€ 595€ 1,050€ Order
Athens Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” 04:00 320€ 370€ 0€ 500€ 0€ Order

The five-star hotel “Aldemar Olympian Village” provides its customers with luxurious suites, apartments and bungalows overlooking the Ionian Sea coast or the hotel territory, one of the best spa centers in Europe, and a great variety of sport entertainment, as well as restaurants fit for every taste. Here, you will be able to swim in one of the seawater pools, luxuriate on a clean sandy beach, or play tennis. The hotel also has all the facilities for accommodating little customers; there is a wading pool, a water chute, a playground, and a mini club, with babysitter’s service for extra payment.

If you travel with children and heavy trunks, a transfer will prove to be the best means for finishing the long way. Our drivers will meet you at any location in Greece, help with the luggage, and bring you promptly to your destination. The drivers speak English, so that you will have no problems with communication and will be able to receive all the necessary information.

Distances to big transport points

What other transportation can be used

Intercity buses – You need to know in advance where and at what time suitable bus stops. Buses from Athens to Pyrgos (about 15 km away from hotel) depart approximately every 2-2.5 hours. After getting off a bus, you will need to use additional transport to get to your destination.

Public taxis – You can order a taxi by phone in the Greek language or catch a car in the street. Taxis usually cost more than economical transfer, and level of service is quite ordinary.