6. Euboea

The second-largest island of Greece, Evia, is located in such close proximity to the continent that it is connected to the mainland with a 14m long bridge across the Euripus Strait. The strait itself is a unique natural site with its “standing” waves: every 6 hours, the flow comes to a halt for a short time, and then the water rushes in the opposite direction with great speed. This island is ideal for those who prefer peaceful rest and would like to combine beach relaxation with treatment procedures in abundant healing thermal springs, or to diversify their vacation with excursions along with the local historical sites.

Ferry traffic to Evia is very efficient, but the small distance from the continent ensures the possibility of traveling overland. Booking a transfer in “Hellenic Taxi” is the most convenient way to reach your destination with the entire luggage: the ride will prove completely safe, and our English-speaking driver will be ready to answer any of your questions.