2. Chalkidiki

The Chalkidiki Peninsula is the most popular tourist destination in Northern Greece. This resort is famous for its fantastic sandy beaches, cleanest sea, developed infrastructure facilities, and hotels for all tastes.

A little bit about Chalkidiki

Chalkidiki is similar to a trident by its form. It consists of three smaller peninsulas. The natives usually call themfingersorlegs”.

The first “finger” is Kassandra. It is famous for its vibrant nightlife, a rich choice of entertainment both for children and adults. That is where most of the youth aim to get. The matter is that here, you can find an activity to your taste any time of the day.

The second “finger” is called Sithonia. It is less crowded. Its area is covered with pine forests and twinkles with the turquoise waters of the rocky bays. It is a perfect retreat for family holidays with children and the lovers of the campsite area as well.

You will be surprised to know that it is Sithonia who houses the only in Northern Greece and the largest on the Balkans entertainment – a casino.

The night entertainment of Sithonia can hardly compete with facilities offered by Kassandra. However, there is no other place on Chalkidiki, which can boast of having the best beaches and a lot of natural reserves. This unique environment of Sithonia is no less attractive for thousands of tourists.

The third “finger” – Athos – is always described with particular attention. Here you can find a unique and the only closed monastic state – the Holy Mount of Athos, a place where no women were allowed during the last 1000 years. Not far from the monastic republic, you can find the city of Ouranoupoli. A lot of pilgrims and lovers of quiet relaxing holidays regularly stay there.

How to reach the right location on the Chalkidiki Peninsula

Individual transfers are especially popular in the holiday season. You can make a reservation for a vehicle with a personal driver to the airport or a station and depart to the necessary resort on the peninsula right upon landing or arrival.

The staff of Hellenic Taxi includes reliable drivers with many years of experience and fluent knowledge in Greek, English, and Russian. Rest assured that you will be met right at the indicated location with a name-tag, provided with luggage assistance, and delivered upon necessary address quickly, securely, and with comfort.

What are the other ways to reach Chalkidiki

  • Public transport – The long-distance buses run upon fixed schedules. They make stops only in big settlements and on the highways. To use their service, you should first reach the KTEL bus station by other means of transport.
  • City taxi – You can hire a taxi via a phone call in Greek or “catch” it in the street. You should note that taxi drivers hardly know a few words in English. Moreover, they do not always know how to reach a particular hotel or resort area on the peninsula.