What are the places to visit in Halkidiki?

Halkidiki is surely one of the best places to explore. If you are a lover of nature you will surely like this place being the combination of hill areas and sea. There are some of the places which you will surely want to go to the best visiting places in this area.

Mount Cholomontas

If you want to get the amazing view of the mountains you can surely go into this place. It is near Thessaloniki city. You will find the mountain covered with the forest of Pine tree, chestnut tree, and oak trees. You can also find out the aromatic herbs and the wildflowers over here. You can get ample amount of natural relaxation over here.

Aristotle Park

This park is also a great place to go with your family. You will find the statue of Aristotle who was born in 384BC in Halkidiki. It is near the village of Stagira. The park is interactive as well as thematic. So, for the visitors, there are plenty of activities to enjoy.

Petralona Cave

This famous cave is near Petralona being only 50 kilometers there. This cave was discovered in the year 1959 by the local villagers when they saw a skull of prehistoric man over here. After researchers, it was found that it was a skull of a man who was born 7 million years ago and it is assumed that it was one of the first Europeans. Inside the cave, you will get the fossils of rhinoceros, elephants, panthers, and bears. In winter it is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. In summer the closing time goes up to 6 p.m.


This is a sea beach where you will be able to see the clean and clear blue sea. It is covered with nine islands which is full of green vegetarian. It is 10 kilometers from Agios. The view of the sunset on the sea is something that is going to provide you a scenic view. Apart from this, you will get the rooms very near to the beach on rent. You will get the fresh fishes offered over here. You can enjoy drinking in this beautiful place in the bars on the beach.


It is the capital of Halkidiki. Being a city with the picturesque view you should surely visit this place once. The charming atmosphere, plenty of historical centers, the Folklore museum and many more things are there which you can enjoy. You will get a glimpse of the local culture over here. You will explore the agricultural tools and the traditional clothing of the place. You will see the local lifestyle and habits.


It is 90 kilometers away from Polygros. It is one of the largest and oldest villages in this area. You will be able to see the temple related to Agios Athanasios. You can also swim in the bay of Porto Koufo, Kalasmitsi, and Sykia. You can also enjoy fish meze and the fish taverns over here. You can also go to Toroni which is very near to Sykia. There are some of the exotic sea beaches situated over here.


Arnaia is again an exotic village in this area. Being at an altitude of 600 meters this village is surrounded by mountains. You will find the traditional heritage of this place over here very well. You should surely check the Folklore Museum and the old school which was built in 1871. You can also explore some of the oldest temples in this village.

So, when you talk about Halkidiki you will find a lot of things to explore as a visitor. You will get the scenic beauty of the sea. You will enjoy the green mountains. You will find out the old traditions, culture, and lifestyle of the local people. There are a lot of historical places to explore.

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Overview of Thessaloniki – the best things to visit

Thessaloniki offers the big city energy and cosmopolitan culture in association with smaller town charm and friendly ambiance. Thessaloniki is on the Aegean Sea Thermaic Gulf, a Greek port city offering evidence through the remains of Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman history. There are lots to see in Thessaloniki and it is worth visiting. This is a delightful city featuring different civilizations’ influence, multiethnic heritage, Byzantine churches, ancient ruins and archaeology world-class museums. Here are few best things that are a must-visit:

Roman Rotunda

This is the ancient magnificent monument in Thessaloniki, the Roman Rotunda. This was Saint George’s Church and this was the place that Emperor Theodosius was baptized as Christian. In the fourth century end, he transformed the mausoleum into a Christian church. The Rotunda was called as Cathedral of Thessaloniki. However, the building was transformed as a mosque, under Ottoman rule, the Islamic era relic. But, after the Turks liberation in 1912, Rotunda transformed into Saint Georges Church. Rotunda has a grandiose sanctuary, featuring an architecture that was cylindrical domed. The dome has angles charming figures and on the gold background are architectural facades. The Rotunda is open daily to the public.

The White Tower

This is the Thessaloniki’s recognizable landmark.   It can be reached by walk as it is along the Seafront Promenade.  The White Tower was the ancient ramparts of the town at the promenades southern end at a small public garden. The White Tower is the relic of seaward defenses. It was built around 1530 by the Ottoman Turks and this imposing tower was mainly a prison. Now, tourists can visit and also see the Museum of Byzantine culture permanent collection. The exhibits of the museum reveal the Byzantine history and also the Thessaloniki art. The collection includes artifacts in an extensive range such as vases, Christian coins, wall paintings, mosaics and liturgical objects.

Church of Saint Demetrius

This Church of Saint Demetrius in Thessaloniki is a spiritual sight that is must-see. It was transformed into a mosque in the Turkish period. There were five Byzantine basilicas built to the Roman Agora north in the fifth century near the Roman ancient bathhouse and even now the remains are visible. The crypt contains ancient Roman road relics. The church acquired its name after Demetrius, a Patron Saint of the town, who was imprisoned in 306 and was executed. For centuries, pilgrims come to visit the relics of the saint that is preserved in the iconostasis in a sarcophagus. The sanctuary is glorious and the largest in Greece with 43 meters long and is ornately embellished. It includes adornments such as varicolored marble columns, finely carved capitals, a dazzling chandelier and the pillars feature small mosaics.

Arch of Galerius

Visitors can visit the Arch of Galerius, towards Thessaloniki’s city center, an ancient Roman monument. This arch was the entrance gate of the main town. Three piers of the original structure remain on the west side.  The surviving two piers feature a marble façade linked by an arch. It has elaborate reliefs depicting battle scenes, separated by garlands from Armenian campaigns and Emperor Galerius’ Persian of the third and fourth centuries. These reliefs are carved ornately and are the finest. The reliefs are well preserved than contemporary reliefs in Rome on the Arch of Constantine, dating to AD 315.

Archaeology Museum

This museum is renowned for presenting artifacts in superb collection.  The collection spans from late antiquity to prehistory.  Visitors can see sculptures from the Archaic times to the Late Roman era. There are several rooms displaying from a sixth-century BC iconic temple architectural elements. The archeological museum hosts exhibitions temporarily on various themes and a showcase of the museum in the lobby displays its finds from the Neolithic site, accompanied by excavation progress.

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