Best places to visit in Halkidiki


Explore this tourist spot with the views of sea and mountain

If you are a sea lover then Halkidiki is surely one of the best places for you to travel. You will get the best combination of sea, sun and some of the best historical places if you come to Halkidiki. This place is situated in northern Greece. If you can go to the best places to visit in Halkidiki you will be able to enjoy the pine forests, the amazing Mount Athos, splendid blue seas and many more.

Halkidiki Sea beaches

When you go to Halkidiki your tour will never be a complete one if you have not enjoyed the tides of the Halkidiki Sea. The beautiful beaches of this place are not that much known to too many tourists in the world. So, if you are searching for relaxation in a lonely and peaceful place then Halkidiki can be a perfect destination for you.

You can also go to the wonderful town named Sarti and enjoy some of the best dishes for your lunch and supper. Some of the best beaches where you can travel are Kalithea beach, Polychrono beach, Ammouliani beach and many more.

Historical places in Halkidiki

Do you have interest in the historical places? Then you can surely go to the town name Edessa over here. You can get the glimpse of the Hellenic history of this town. It is famous being the great Alexander’s father Phillip II’s last resting place. You can see the tomb at any time of the year. You can enjoy some of the best waterfalls over here as well.

Another fabulous historical place to visit will be Petralona Caves. You will be able to explore the unknown world of the European settlers who made their inhabitants over here. This history is seven million years ago. The oldest people of Europe used to live in these caves.

Go to Mount Athos

Mount Athos is surely another great attraction of this place. You can enjoy the best mountain greenery over here. Apart from that you can also check out some of the most spectacular monasteries over here. You can also visit Monastic state on the lap of this mountain. Here more than fourteen hundred monks live here. On a different occasion, you can see them selling their products. You can get some of the most delicious dishes and wines over here.

See some nearby villages and towns

You want to add some more fun and speed to your excursion. Then you can surely go to Thessaloniki. It is the second-largest city in Greece. With the presence of numerous bars, restaurants, shops and other attractive places this city will give you a glimpse of the vibrant culture. Being in the backdrop of many a Byzantine and Roman mountain this city is very beautiful to look at. This city is just an hour from Halkidiki.

If you want to visit a stone-built village then you can go to Athitos once. You will get a glimpse of the folk architecture of Greece over here. The scenic beauty of the village with the presence of some of the best cocktail bars can provide you a great experience. There are plenty of sea beaches nearby this village. So, you can enjoy a lot of entertaining water activities.

So, Halkidiki can be considered as a very nice place where you can get the combination of the scenic natural beauty and modern options of entertainment. Being not a very crowded visiting place Halkidiki will one of the most appropriate destinations where you can get complete relaxations being far away from the hectic schedule of your city life. Enjoy greenery, enjoy the blue sea, and enjoy old heritage and plenty of delicious dishes on the lap of the mountain.

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